Becoming A Better Photographer

Foggy Lake

I’ve been interested in photography for many years. I think its because a few things that come together in a way that appeals to me.

In the moment it offers a chance to appreciate what is happening, how it looks, and the mood. Sometimes we take for granted the little things in life and I think that having a photographic eye to things helps appreciating things more.

If you don’t look, you won’t find — Charlie Munger

As an example, say something “ordinary” is happening but the light is fantastic. Whether or not you take a picture you may appreciate that moment more by practicing looking for it.

Photography as a hobby is enjoyable and useful. I usually at least have my phone in my pocket so I’m able to practice anytime. And regardless of where I am such as, travelling, spending time with family, or intentionally getting out to tryto get a great photo, I can include it in what I’m doing.

My plan to get better as a photographer includes several things I’m working on in parallel:

  • Joining School of Photographic Arts of Ottawa where they have full time and part time classes. I’m currently enrolled in the part time classes and plan to continue with Portraits, Post-Processing and a few other classes in the future.
  • Taking lots of photos. Practice, Practice, Practice
  • Learning more about post-processing which I think is key to getting my photos to a next level. In the past I’ve mostly just adjusted a bit of exposure and done some cropping
  • Joining photo workshops to learn from pros and get some feedback. Recently I joined Rick Dobson’s Snowy Owl workshop where I got some great photos and learned a bunch.
  • Sharing more photos, hoping to get more feedback and share with others. I’ve setup a portfolio with adobe portfolio, an instagram account, and also intend to share all my old photos with those who are in them (once I clean and organize them)

Snowy Owl Landing